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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Virtual Classroom

We utilize Microsoft Live Meeting for our online classes.  The instructor and students are connected via the meeting software.  The instructor and students can interact by audio, video, and/or chat.  The students may review and download content and other resources during the meeting.

Live Meeting works on PC & Unix platforms.  To check your system to see if it is compatible with Live Meeting, click here.

We recommend that the student purchase an inexpensive headset for use during the class if they do not have one.

Course Customization

We use all of the technologies we teach daily with our projects. We want to know where your developers are and where you want them to be. We can customize any class to meet your needs.

Onsite Training

We specialize in onsite training. We come to you and deliver the course in the environment that your employees are comfortable in. This minimizes cost and leaves the employees close by. We can provide full setup packages to streamline the setup of your classroom, including virtual machine.

Recommended Resources

Every person has their own style and so books and web resources vary to meet those needs. We are always asked to make recommendations. We have provided a few links on the left to a few resources that we think all developers would benefit from regardless of their role or experience.