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Ajax on Java

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This course provides fundamental, comprehensive instruction on using Ajax to build interactive, efficient web pages.  Special emphasis is placed on enabling Ajax through server-side tags using JSP, Struts, and servlets. 


The successful student will be an experienced Java web developer.



  • Basics
    • The Purpose of Ajax
      • Traditional Web Application
      • An Ajax Web Application
    • The XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Handling the Response
      • Advanced issues
        • Submission Throttling
        • Asynchronous Calls
    • Introducing the Class Project
    • Conclusion
  • The HTML Document Object Model
    • Accessing Nodes
      • Accessing Element Nodes
      • Accessing Attribute Nodes
      • getAttribute
      • attributes[]
      • Accessing Nodes by Type, Name or Value
      • Accessing Nodes by Class Name
    • Removing Nodes from the DOM
      • DOM Differences: The Whitespace Problem
    • Creating New Nodes
    • Conclusion
  • XML and Ajax
    • Creating a DOM Document with JavaScript
    • Accessing, Creating and Modifying XML Nodes
      • Creating an AddChild() Function
    • Receiving XML Responses
    • Passing XML to the Server
    • Conclusion
  • JSON
  • Server-Side
    • JSP Ajax Frameworks
    • Struts Frameworks
    • Custom tags
  • Google Framework
  • Using Custom JSP tags to Integrate Ajax
  • Conclusion