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Programming in C#

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This course is designed to introduce new and experienced programmers to the C# language and developing applications using Visual Studio™ and the .Net platform. After taking this course, the student will be ready to write simple programs and libraries, as well as support existing C# applications. This course utilizes rich hands-on exercises to immerse the student from the beginning to the end.


Experienced programmers in Java, C, C++, or other programming language.

Length: 4 Days


·         Introductions

·         Overview of C#, .Net, and Visual Studio

·         C# Basics

o   Basic Syntax

o   Data Types

o   Program Flow (loops, conditionals)

o   Functions

·         Data Structures

o   Structures

o   Enumerations

o   Classes

o   Arrays

·         Object-Oriented C# Features

o   Basics of Object-Orientation

o   Classes and objects

§  Properties

§  Fields

§  Functions

o   Aggregation/Uses

o   Inheritance & Polymorphism

o   Abstract Classes

o   Interfaces

·         Exceptions

o   Throwing

o   Catching

o   Custom Exceptions

·         Getting to know the .Net framework

o   I/O classes

o   Collections

o   Dates, Times, and Time zones