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XML - Comprehensive

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This course provides developers and non-developers with a comprehensive instruction on XML and related technologies like XSD (Schema) and XSL (Stylesheet).

As well, Java and .Net programmers will learn how to produce and consume XML programatically through the standard XML DOM API.

This course is over 50% hands-on. 


To complete the programming portion, the students should have programming experience. Otherwise, IT professionals with a need to understand XML will benefit from this course.



  • Introduction/Overview
  • XML
    • Elements
    • Attributes
    • CDATA
    • Entities
    • Designing XML documents
  • Schema
    • Namespaces
    • Defining Schemas
    • Elements
    • Attributes
    • Types
    • Documentation
  • XSLT
    • Transforming
    • Templates
    • XSLT elements
    • Reading XML
    • Navigating XML
    • Producing XML
    • Writing XML
    • Transformations