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Introduction to Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

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This course provides students with the skills and knowledge required to maximize LINQ functionality in .Net applications.

  • Fundamentals of LINQ
  • Using LINQ with Databases
  • Taking advantage of Object Modeling


Students should have experience developing .Net applications in either C# or VB.Net

Length: 3 Days (4 Session via web)


C# 3.0 / VB 9.0 Language Features

  • Implicit typing of local variables

  • Extension Methods

  • Object Initialization Syntax

  • Collection Initialization Syntax

  • Anonymous Types

  • Lambda Expressions

Introduction to LINQ

  • The Role and Scope of LINQ

  • Use of Extension Methods / Lambdas with LINQ

  • Core LINQ Assemblies / Namespaces / Project Types

  • Examining LINQ Query Operators

  • The Query Operator - LINQ type relationship

  • Building LINQ Query Expressions

  • LINQ Over Objects

  • LINQ to SQL

  • LINQ-Centric Attributes and Types

  • The Role of Entity Classes

  • Creating Entity Classes using sqlmetal.exe / Visual Studio

  • The Role of the DataContext

  • Submitting Queries to Relational Databases

  • Invoking Stored Procedures

Best Practices

  • Data Context Management in ASP.NET

  • Patterns in LINQ

  • Performance issues