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Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) - Introduction

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This course shows the recommended way to develop and deploy a full EJB business tier.
 At the heart of J2EE is EJB, a component model that represents the enterprise business model. By integrating and standardizing many services (distribution, persistence, transactions, security, load management), EJBs greatly simplify, empower and speed up the development of large-scale and modular applications. 


The successful student will be an experienced Java programmer.

Length: 4 Days


  •  Introduction 
  • EJB basics 
  • Enabling technologies 
  • Session beans 
  • Entity beans overview 
  • Message-Driven Beans overview 
  • The EJB environment 
  • EJB transactions 
  • EJB security 
  • EJB applications packaging and deployment 
  • EJB Best practices