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C# - Introduction

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This course provides comprehensive information about the capabilities of the .Net Framework, Visual Studio tools, and the C# programming language.  Students will learn to build applications, web services, and ASP.Net websites.  The course assumes the student has experience with programming.  This course is lab-intensive and is designed to bring the student up to speed quickly.


Successful students will have a background in programming.

Length: 3 Days


  • C#

    • General Language Features

    • Data Structures

    • Structures

    • Classes

    • Standard Object-Oriented Features

    • Abstract Types

    • Interfaces

    • Delegates

    • Events

    • Advanced Subjects

    • New Features in 3.0

  • ADO.Net

    • Abstract Data support (ie DataSets)

    • Data Providers

  • ASP.Net

    • The ASP.NET Paradigm

    • ASP.NET Web Forms

    • Processing Web Forms

  • Web Services

    • Overview

    • Creating an XML web service

    • Using a web service