Intermediate C# - Professional Development in .Net Core

The best course for developers wanting to learn object-oriented C#


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This course is for experienced developers or developers that have taken our introduction course.  This course provides all the skills required to become an expert C# developer.

Why choose this course?  Microsoft uses this course and other of Chuck's courses to train their developers internally.  Chuck's courses have been delivered to thousands of developers in-person, online and via Udemy, including  major corporations, government agencies and military around the world.

Chuck walks you through not only the language syntax, but also best practices with an emphasis on good design and architecture.

Get lots of hands-on experience with

  • Class design and implementation

  • Exceptions - the correct way to detect and react to error conditions

  • Inheritance - the basic syntax and concepts to get you started

  • Constructors and Inheritance - the right way to initialize objects

  • Polymorphism - The real reason we code object-oriented applications

  • Interfaces - Inheritance vs Interface - inverting the dependency in design with interfaces

  • Generics - learn how to code and use generics

  • Tuples - a quick way to define and use simple objects

  • Operator Overloading - learn to use and design your own operators to enhance the usability of your classes

  • The .Net library - this survey of the .Net library starts with Object and continues to collections,, dates and times, and extension methods - a key feature of C#

  • Delegates - get started with functional programming concepts with delegates

  • Events - take the next step in functional programming with events

  • Lambda expressions - Become a functional programming pro with lambdas!

  • LiNQ - query and transform data with ease using LiNQ

  • Reflection and Metadata

  • Threads & Tasks

Reinforce your learning with lots of interactive labs and assignments with instant feedback and instructor support