ASP.Net Web Security

OWASP Top 10 with Hands On


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Every day we hear news of yet another breach of  some organization's data.  Many of these result in huge costs to the organization, some have even  gone out of business as a result.  The Payment Card Industry (PCI) as well as many other international and local regulations require some level of security awareness for developers.  This course was designed specifically to increase the awareness of security flaws in code.

Why choose this course?  Microsoft uses Chuck's courses to train their developers internally.  Chuck's courses have been delivered to thousands of developers in-person, online and via Udemy, including  major corporations, government agencies and military around the world.

Students will learn the OWASP top 10 as well as software engineering practices that lead to a more secure development work product through many hands-on exercises complete with instruction and source code.

  • Security in the software development lifecycle

  • Injection Flaws - SQL Injection, XPath Injection, cmd Injection and more

  • Broken Authentication - learn to use Identity to avoid authentication flaws

  • XML External Entities

  • Sensitive Data Exposure

  • Security Misconfiguration

  • Broken Access Control - prevent direct object references

  • Cross Site Scripting

  • Insecure object deserialization

  • Using components with known vulnerabilities

  • Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

  • Other issues - CSRF, Validation

  • Securing the business tier

Secure by default

Learn to build applications that are secure by default.  Following the best practices of software development not only provides great results in a cost efficient way, but also enhances the security posture of the application.  Hands-on labs demonstrate these concepts.

This course has been presented to thousands of developers over the last 2 decades with great success.  Evolving the course to keep up with todays challenges and technologies is a primary goal for us.  Join expert developer Chuck McCullough for this course on web security.